Do you also want to get your business mentioned in Google’s local 3-pack? But regrettably, there’s no such hack to get an instant 3-pack listing. This means that local businesses shall rely on good local SEO in order to get greater online visibility. Local SERPs are tremendously competitive in nature. Moreover, Google has made a few changes that make it even harder than ever to remain visible. Well, there is some good news too. Just by making some simple changes and improvements to the local SEO will have a palpable impression on your organic search rankings. We have enumerated 6 easy and advanced local SEO hacks that you may use in order to start using today so as to simplify your work and boost your short- and long-term local SEO efforts.


Lets read here for top 6 and advanced local SEO hacks for powering professional SEO:


1. Put on Local Search During Keyword Research 


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If you would have observed you would have seen that all good SEO campaigns start with keyword research, that – for a lot of people – means using Google’s free tool i.e. Keyword Planner. If you are in the requirement of generic keyword ideas, this tool is a gem.

Though, ever since Google removed its location search filter in December 2015, simulating local search results from some other city has become way more intricate and complex.

You cannot just add a location to the keyword you are searching for. The reason being that it creates a totally different SERP (for instance, if you are searching for “pizza” from UP and “pizza Uttar Pradesh” from Delhi will return radically dissimilar results).


In order to compensate, most SEOs now do either of these three things:

  • Add the “near” parameter to their URL: After you have typed in a query, what they do is modify the URL by adding “&near=cityname”, which shows results as if you had searched from nearby that location only.
  • Use the “uule” parameter: You can add or append each search with a base64 that is encoded form of the “Canonical
  • Name” of the location you are looking for. This is called the “uule” parameter.
  • Use software in order to target a particular GPS coordinate: Permitting an algorithm to geotarget your keywords via
  • GPS coordinates is until now the simplest and the most precise key.
  • Once you have landed on your keywords, you must get started with your research. You should focus on creating content that aims at keywords that have low competition, and never forget to add them to your HTML tags anchor text.


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2. Capitalize on Easy Link Building Opportunities 


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As per recent research, link signals (that is linking domain authority, number of links, inbound anchor text, etc.) make up for 29% of the ranking factors, which makes them the most significant ranking factor to consider. This means that building links must be the topmost SEO local priority. However, regrettably, it would take up a lot of time in building organic links. You would require a list of valuable content which the influencers would want to click on before you can truly take advantage of the link building occasions. You must search for opportunities so as to collaborate with influencers and look for various other ways to build a reputation for your brand online.


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3. Use Competitor Research to Discover More Backlink Opportunities 


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Competitor research is a great method in order to find out which domains link to your opposing businesses, however, leaving you out in the cold.

Go back to using your opponent tracking tool and use it on order to learn link building prospects that you might have ignored:

  • Try figuring out which sites link to more than one of your opponents, but do not link to you.
  • Try to determine the comparative domain expert of all of these sites (you may get this information from your opponent analysis tool).
  • Then prepare a list of the domains which are very relevant and influential.
    Lastly, do link outreach to the domains on your list.


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4. Weed out NAP Inconsistencies: 


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It is necessary that your NAP that is your name, address, and phone number, remain consistent on all the websites where they are listed. You may use rank tracking software in order to find your mentions. However, if you ever find any inconsistency related to your NAP, you may contact the owners of the sites or directories in query and request them to correct the errors.


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5. Enhance and Improve Your Google My Business Listing: 


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Your Google My Business portal is simply the most significant ranking feature when it comes to optimizing and local pack ranking, it is easy.  Here is a list of things that you have to do:

  • Claim your listing
  • Verify your portal.
  • Confirm the specifics of your business are up-to-date. Common errors comprise incorrect opening hours, flawed initial hours, and improper category listings.
  • Link to your website.
  • Post-high-quality images related to your business or refresh the already existing images if they’re more than a few months old.

Once your Google My Business account is set up, the best way to keep enhancing is to make your customers happy so that they give good reviews and increase mentions and citations for local listings.


6. Get Customer Proof:  


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One of the most influential contents at your disposal is social proof. Testimonials, Surveys, Reviews, and case studies are both powerful ranking signals (7-13%) and convincing pieces of copy which frequently decide whether a customer would prefer hiring you or one of your opponents.
Curating customer proof takes a little effort, although we have enlisted below some creative methods to receive more reviews:

  • Offer link building opportunities: The customers want to build links as badly as you want to, and a lot of them would jump at the opportunity to get featured in a case study or survey if it gets them free publicity. You may refer to websites like Case Study Buddy.
  • Motivate customers to write reviews: Hand out QR Codes on your business cards or receipts, print-outs, leaflets, and request your customers personally while they’re paying the bill to write reviews for you.
  • Ask for reviews: Yes, it definitely can be this easy. You will not receive reviews from all of your customers and followers, but all you need is a small amount of positive feedback on the social media platforms that your customers frequently use (for instance YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn , Facebook etc.) and you will soon build a great reputation.


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Start your SEO campaign with local SEO hacks – search for some keywords, create a listing on Google My Business, do competitor analysis, and after that start preparing and aiming for some landing pages. Start small and arrange your SEO to aim at the most vital local ranking signals initially. There is a lot of time to explore more progressive SEO once you’ve mastered these 6 local SEO hacks.

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