Are you an online business wondering about which is better organic traffic vs paid traffic for increasing your sales? Well, in the competitive market of ecommerce and online business, generating more traffic is indeed not very easy. However, if you adopt the right approach and learn about the different types of traffic, then you would be able to bring conversions to your website much easier. Primarily, there are two ways of building web traffic, that is, either organically or through paid search.

Organic search traffic comes from users who naturally find links to websites or businesses on search engines. SEO optimization heavily influences your ranking on organic search results. On the other hand, paid search traffic is gained from visitors who arrive at a website by clicking on an advertised link that has been paid for to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Marketers have always debated about which technique should be prioritized more between organic traffic vs paid traffic. Both of these marketing tactics have their advantages. The choice of method mostly relies on the needs and preferences of the business. So, in this article, we will draw a comparison between the two by looking into the benefits of each approach.


Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic:


Benefits of Organic Traffic:


Benefits of Organic traffic, organic traffic vs paid traffic


Organic traffic is all about showing up high on search engine results through SEO. Read further to explore its benefits.


1. Free of Cost: 


Free of Cost


One of the most notable benefits of organic traffic is that they are free. This is especially helpful for new companies or smaller businesses that have very limited budgets. The main requirement for building organic traffic is time. This is because it takes a lot of time to develop effective SEO strategies, and for them to show results. It often takes long hours of research, optimization, and ongoing maintenance to work. However, you do have the option to invest some money and save time by hiring the best seo services in India, who have a dedicated team of professionals to manage your search marketing efforts round-the-clock.


2. Boosts Credibility: 


Boosts Credibility


Optimizing your website for organic search boosts credibility by increasing its visibility online. When search engines list your website at the top, people believe that your content is valuable and authoritative. This way they are much more likely to trust your services over others. Moreover, in the case of organic traffic vs paid traffic, users are generally more willing to click on links that appear organically on regular searches than the ones that have been paid for. In fact, according to a study, it has been discovered that 56% of all web traffic comes from organic search, while only 24% comes from paid advertisements.



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3. Attracts Relevant Audience: 


Attracts Relevant Audience, organic traffic vs paid traffic


By optimizing your website for organic traffic, you create the opportunity to bring in a large number of interested people to your business. While paid search only lets you target audiences based on a few keywords, with organic methods you can focus on attracting many different groups at once by acting upon multiple variables that influence your rankings.


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4. Long Lasting Benefits: 


Long Lasting Benefits


Ranking high for organic search requires time, patience, and persistence. But once you get started, it is pretty much guaranteed to pay off over time, provided you do it the right way. If you keep optimizing your site, your visibility will continue to grow. Once Google notices that you have optimized your site well enough to provide relevant results and attract viewers, it will start putting more weight behind your site.
As a result, your search engine traffic will steadily increase, until you reach a point where it becomes difficult to beat, giving you the advantage of always being able to stay ahead of your competitors. Also, due to the minimal cost involved, your profit margins will grow in the long run. Hence, the return that comes from having a well-optimized website is significant. You can expect to save time and money over the long term if you invest in a good SEO campaign.


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5. Better Content:


Better Content


When you focus on organic search, you begin to put more effort into creating great content. Writing original, interesting, and valuable content will attract people to your site. By generating useful and engaging content, you can create a strong base of loyal followers who will share your message with others. You will even receive quality backlinks for other authoritative websites. All of this will add up to even more traffic and sales, making your business thrive. Our SEO backlink services can provide you with expert assistance to boost rankings through optimized content for the most effective keywords and submit them to various social bookmarking sites to bring in quality backlinks to boost online authority.



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Benefits of Paid Traffic: 


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1. Instant Results:


Instant Results, organic traffic vs paid traffic


The best advantage that paid searches have over organic searches is that you get instant results. Unlike SEO methods that take a long time to work, paid ads give you an instant boost in traffic soon after they start showing up. This approach can be useful for new businesses that wish to improve their online visibility fast by appearing at the top of search results, without spending much time.


2. Better Quality Leads:


Better Quality Leads


Paid ads often attract customers that are already willing to make a purchase. People who look for specific products or services through paid ads know what they need and are seeking the best available option. If you can target these quality leads through paid ads, then you can easily get more conversions for your business.


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3. Get Data on Keywords:


Get Data on Keywords, organic traffic vs paid traffic


When you sign up for a paid search campaign, you get access to a lot of useful data, including keywords that best describe your business and how often these words show up in people’s search queries. This way you can focus on optimizing your content around those keywords relevant to the interests of the people.


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These were the major differences in benefits between organic traffic vs paid traffic campaigns. Based on the benefits of each you can decide which marketing method is best suited to achieve your business goals.


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