The huge change that Google has gone through in the sphere of shopping is an advancement on its own. The big revamp is Google be updating its online shopping experience, especially through mobile searches making it easier for a shopper to purchase any item such as clothing, shoes, and accessories with ease. The main idea behind Google’s New Shopping Feature is to get a set of links of different products from stores across the globe as each link is back-linked by another and Google being Google sets of the link to capture all the products in one specific page this will help you filter and browse the page with ease allowing you to get that purchase decision. This shift will assist greatly, in particular when you are striving to capture all the stores that offer one distinct item — something that hasn’t been accessible to you in the past. And as you go through the items, you can just scroll down to read amass customer reviews. When you are ready to purchase, you will have to click on the link to the store you want to shop and voila!


Now, we will analyze the variances and look into some of the entanglements for marketers related to Google’s New Shopping Feature:


1. Enlargement of associate Location Branches: 


enlargement of associate location branches, google's new shopping feature


When a client encounters one of your ads on Google, a subsidiary location branch shows the user which is the nearby shops that carry your products. When the client clicks on the advertisement, Google will help the user in showcasing the directions to the stores. It’s essentially a mechanism to improve your marketing to capture more local customers looking for a better, fast, and easily accessible solutions to their shopping needs. This similar feature is being used on YouTube to get more and more spread of marketing for the company. So, utilizing this feature is very much essential for service delivery.


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2. Rival Pricing Data: 


rival pricing data, google's new shopping feature


A novel characteristic that is happening on Google Ads for Shopping promoters: entree to the pricing data of rivals. Shopping promoters can recognize what their rivals are pricing for the same merchandise you might be selling for and this data can be utilized to increase their gambits.

So, if you are a Shopping promoter that markets clothes and you mention that you are pricing your product for less than your rivals, you can enhance your Shopping gambit on clothing because you understand the highlight of your shop is the price that will attract more buyers. This can be put to the test for almost all the products coming under their policies.


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3. Shopping Actions Performance: 


shopping actions performance


Started in March, Shopping Actions is Google’s reply to Amazon’s rising influence in the e-commerce network space. This program enables marketers to trade their goods to customers over Google Search, Google Assistant, and more. Customers utilize a comprehensive purchasing platform that connects or links their purchases from various vendors and several tools such as – mobile and desktop.

Shopping Actions is a method in which the user need not pay in advance for the advertisement but the retailer just needs to pay Google for the number of clicks it gets through when a consumer clicks on the advertisement.




  • Product information:

Retailers and advertisers who stress their goods on google Shopping are enlisting themselves in the business activity of Google so they need to comply with the norms of Google Shopping policies which enlists the products or goods that can be sold on Google’s new shopping feature. If they do not comply with the terms and policies it would automatically be taken out as it violates them so make sure it gets your product is on that list.

  • Concluding Statements:

With Googles endeavor to reach out with every single list on our minds from search to shopping to mobile devices, it has come to be the go-to platform for just about everything. The freshest update from Google shopping Update will bring more options to retailers and traders alike who depend a lot on platforms such as this to boost up the organic SEO to their page.


Google has even updated its platform so it becomes a bit more lucid in search results and a prominent emphasis on their personalization page. The page tracker adds with past purchase history helps you choose the range of products within your ambit helping you to shop more locally.

With more and more consumer-based updates from Google, it has become more stressed for SEO agencies to gear up for the world to base their head into this market and include some of the newest updates in SEO which can be offered through local SEO services in Delhi, which can market your products to heel up in those search results. Google would be expecting, even us to update ourselves to the overall changes in the consumer market sphere to grow with them at the same pace.

Hope this article on Google’s New Shopping Feature become useful source of information for you.

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