Enterprise SEO is used to optimize organic search engines rankings to get in the eyes of your customers with the help of indexing your enterprise website on search engines. The search engine algorithms play a major role in optimization of rankings, as indexing of web pages and links embedded on those pages improves the rankings. These enterprise seo trends will help you in ranking higher and faster on the most competitive search engines like Google. 

  • Enterprise SEO has become a major area of focus for businesses in the last few years, businesses are using enterprise SEO  for learning about their consumers’ behavior.
  • By 2022 enterprise SEO will also involve: 


A)Adoption of AI technologies 

B)Use of insights and data in real-time.

C)Improvement of workflow, processes, and systems.

The SEO industry is just as unpredictable as algorithm updates launched by Google. SEO drives 53% of all trackable website traffic. Improving SEO is termed to be the topmost priority of many marketers.


Let us now look at the top 5 enterprise SEO trends which would boost 2022 and 2023: 



  • Enterprise SEO Trend #1 – Keeping pace with Google


Keeping pace with Google, enterprise seo trends


Google holds the predominant part in the SEO industry. Google is focusing more on-page experience, creating a good page experience will lead to boosting search result rankings. Google wants consumers to have a good experience while accessing and interacting with web pages. As of 2020, Google announced its set of merits called core web vitals, having guidelines on visual stability, responsiveness, and loading speed.  Websites that won’t follow these guidelines will have their search ranks decreased. Google also launched Google E-A-T which stands for trustworthiness, expertise, and authoritativeness and has become increasingly important. Following these guidelines, one will be greatly rewarded in 2022. Google recently launched a multitask unified model with the help of artificial intelligence to search and understand user intent in different languages and formats. Google MUM is important for international and enterprise levels of business. 



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  • Enterprise SEO Trend #2 – AI and Automation of SEO 


AI and automation of SEO


AI helps in automating repetitive tasks, processing large data sets, and optimizing content. This helps enterprises to conduct SEO at scale. AI is used by many agencies. As a leading SEO company in India, we use AI to help enterprises avoid tedious tasks which can be automated such as tracking search results, website errors, position rankings, and site logos. AI helps us save time. 



  • Enterprise SEO Trend #3 – Un-silo-ing of SEO and PPC


Un-silo-ing of SEO and PPC, enterprise seo trends


SEO and PPC should work together as they work best when together. This will help boost traffic while lowering costs through greater efficiency and effectiveness. PPC and SEO teams and agencies should work closely to share data to boost the digital market. SEO and PPC should determine which keywords to target separately or simultaneously to increase efficiency respectively. 


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  • Enterprise SEO Trend #4 – Voice Search Optimization


Voice Search Optimization


Voice search is becoming more trending today, people are using Google home and Amazon echo in larger amounts. People today prefer speaking over typing. They feel like having a conversation rather than simple question answers. Due to this Google launched LaMDA ( language model for dialogue applications) a machine learning model designed for dialogue. With the use of natural language processing and machine learning, LaMDA helps understand conversational queries and respond accordingly and helps in learning language nuances over time. Ensuring your content is relevant, comprehensive, and conversational will help you keep in top SEO trends. We provide the best SEO services in India as our team stay updated by researching and implementing various new Google Algorithm updates.  




  • Enterprise SEO Trend #5 – Changing the role of Video Content


Changing the role of Video Content, enterprise seo trends


It is found that websites that display video content rank better in Google’s SERPs. Videos create more traffic online, and the engagement of consumers have found to be increased due to video content being available. In 2019 81% of consumer traffic was detected due to the changing role of video content. Google introduced the key moments feature for video search results, this feature helped people to go directly to specific sections of the videos. Creating more video content on web pages will lead to more traffic. Using structured data which will help identify the key moments in your videos to help customers go straight to the information they seek. 


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These 5 trends point to the future of SEO 2022 and beyond. These trends will impact your search results, it will build traffic on web pages, and increase your rank on Google SERPs. These enterprise SEO trends are our future. Every existing entity is looking to invest in SEO and Artificial intelligence as they know SEO is the future of the country and it’s the only thing that surely will last for the next 10 to 15 years. SEO research allows us to understand user interest and intent and build content that addresses and captures that intent. Therefore people should invest in enterprise SEO as it is the future, a beneficial future that will last for a long time in today’s SEO-driven world. 



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